Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I don't know if I can get an Oregon Driver's License ...

and I think it is part of something more then not wanting to go to the DMV. I've never really had a problem with the DMV; you just go and wait and stuff, and then you get what you need. But I typically don't really harbor urges of overly importance... so maybe that is why the DMV never bother me.

And the post office--people always complain about the postal service in the us. try living in Italy for awhile; you'll love the US postal service after that...

But anyways, I can't get a drivers license here because I don't want to give up my California license. I mean, I like living here in Oregon, but I love California. She is my motherland.

I've been so homesick for things like the cherry corn scones from the Cheese Board... and my taco truck in the Fruitvale. At least there are lots of food trucks here in Portland, with excellent food.

And also, having this baby outside of California is weird.

If it ever cools off below 80 degrees in this house, I'll make these cherry corn scones, since we have pounds and pounds of cherries to eat from the buying club. Farm fresh Organic cherries!

We also went berry picking on Saturday, and the tayberry jam Mr. bibliotecario made is deliscious, so I need to make some bread for that, too. Any excuse for tayberry jam.

Oh, and here is the Cheese Board collected works: YUM!