Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer is here!

So it is lovely to have arrived at the first day of summer. Everything in the garden looks lovely, the sunflowers are all taller then me. I feel like we were so luck to have such luck with starting them inside, and the transplanting went well... We dug up our first potatoes today and they are the best thing I have ever eaten. It is truly a blessing to get such good yields on the high caloric foods.

It is also Fathers' day... I guess I am lucky that the father of my children, my dear husband, loves to cook. So he barbecued kefta kabobs, barbecued eggplant for babaganoush (sp?), and then we found a great recipe for breads cooked on the grill... flatish breads like naan. Recipe here.

Of course I have beautiful pictures of all of these things, trapped in my camera... senza USB cable. Which is part of my second big project... decluttering. Blah. I hate it. But I am determined to make five (soon to be six) people living in a tiny house comfortable. So back to work I go... But I have some interesting photos from this venture as well... as for now, I will leave it to the imagination of you, dear reader.

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